Fees for local revolut 2 revolut payments?

Today I needed to send some money to my friend (also revolut user). Since I have not shared my contacts via app, I asked my friend to create payment link.

I was very surprised that Revolut wanted commission for this payment (I tried to use revolut card). After entering card details this was shown:


I tried also revolut mastercard. Then fee was even 1,9% :frowning:

We both are in same country (not USA), and my revolut card is not issued in usa, of course.

Is this bug or recently introduced fee?

Perhaps it might be an idea to just enable contacts or do a transfer via IBAN

Credit/debit card top-ups aren’t sustainable and will eventually disappear

source: both Starling/Monzo have gotten rid of them due to the fees

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Or use the Nearby feature to find the other party?