Fees for GBP transfer from :r: £ a/c to UK GBP a/c

In the past, it was possible to send sterling from my Revolut account to a UK bank fee free.
Today I sent a small amount (£100) to a UK account I have sent money to before without a fee but today, I have been charged 31p.
The in app help is not specific about the reason for this fee (and as usual there was no-one on line to offer assistance).
Can anyone explain the reason for this fee base and how it may be avoided in the future.

What’s your registered address? In case of France, this is most likely considered an international payment. Prices vary depending on the plan.

Registered address is France but the transfer was sterling to sterling UK bank.

A while back, Revolut rearranged fees around international transfers. Every transfer into any other country (with exception of SEPA transfers) is now considered an international transfer. You should have gotten an email regarding the T&C changes around February 18, and the changes have become effective April 23.


@Frank is that April 2021?

Yes, April 23, 2021.