Fees for GBP transfer from :r: £ a/c to UK GBP a/c

In the past, it was possible to send sterling from my Revolut account to a UK bank fee free.
Today I sent a small amount (£100) to a UK account I have sent money to before without a fee but today, I have been charged 31p.
The in app help is not specific about the reason for this fee (and as usual there was no-one on line to offer assistance).
Can anyone explain the reason for this fee base and how it may be avoided in the future.

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What’s your registered address? In case of France, this is most likely considered an international payment. Prices vary depending on the plan.

Registered address is France but the transfer was sterling to sterling UK bank.

A while back, Revolut rearranged fees around international transfers. Every transfer into any other country (with exception of SEPA transfers) is now considered an international transfer. You should have gotten an email regarding the T&C changes around February 18, and the changes have become effective April 23.


@Frank is that April 2021?

Yes, April 23, 2021.


Can I get some clarification on these fees? I have Revolut with a foreign EU domicile and faced the same issue as mentioned above (transfer from Revolut to UK GBP a/c with a charge). However, I still don’t understand how such transfer is considered “international”. The Revolut helpsite clearly says such charges should only be applied to out of SEPA region transfers, but UK is in SEPA.

Can someone explain this to me, please?


Well SEPA is Single Euro Payments Area
see reference here
You were making a payment in GBP so were charged a fee as your transaction was not from GBP to GBP in the UK but effectively a foreign transfer from a EU entity (I guess your account, like mine is LIT based) to a GB entity - hence the charge. The UK is not a Euro using country.

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Thanks for providing an answer! I have understood it now.

I am just wondering how to avoid this fee then. Should I just abandon Revolut? I have a double-residency and am currently long-term located in the UK. I am receiving salary here in GBP and what this fee basically means I can’t use Revolut to send transfers within the UK.

Additionally, I still find it unfair there’s a fee for such a transfer. Why does a Revolut GBP account get assigned a UK-format bank account number and a sort code if transfers can’t be made freely within the UK? It even says “for domestic transfers”.


It’s effectively a GBP “wallet” on a Lithuanian EUR account. Before Brexit when :r: were based in the UK, there were no fees for inter UK bank transfers.
I have to say that I maintain a GBP account for that precise purpose which I opened years ago when I lived there and some pension money goes to that account to provide flexibility. But needs must, and those funds are often transferred fee free to :r: for conversion to EUR for living expenses.
Other pension money goes to :r: in GBP and is used to convert to EUR but I suffer the same issue if I need to transfer GBP back to friends or family in the UK if I’ve used all the reserve GBP funds so I know where you are coming from i that respect.

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Yeah. I see your situation too. I might just put up with this fee for now until I come across another solution. Thanks!

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I think the fincons are all much of a muchness in that respect.