Fees and help


Hello, i would like to know why is my Lithuanian bank account, which i use to top up my revolut account, is being charged 49.30 EUR and 21EUR for something i have allegedly bought, however i did not, and it has happened before. Thank you

P. S i have realized that these payments are for when i exchanged currency from euros to gbp in revolut app. Could anyone tell me what the hell is going on, because i thought everything is free, nice and dandy…


can you give us more detail please.

You have 2 transactions on your bank account payable to :r: for 49.3 and 21 Euro? are these top up fees ?

There are no charges for currency exchange in :r:


Don’t you need to ask your Lithuanian bank?


It may be a missunderstanding of how :r: is working : when, for example, you pay in EUR but you don’t have enough EUR :r: will automatically use your GBP on the fly.

Do you have a screenshot of the transaction?