Hey guys.

I just wanted to give you some feedback, since I signed up with Revolut about 2 weeks ago (waiting about a week to pass the queue).


Really, I’m a pilot based in Germany and since my schedules include a few destinations with layovers in countries without the Euro, Revolut is just the right thing for me! I’ll recommend it to any colleague bitching about credit card fees and ripoff exchange rates. Top up is easy as and the pricing very transparent. Way to go!

Oh, and by the way: Revolut sounds like some soviet-era grocery store in a Moscow suburb, but I kinda like it. So instead of considering to change it once you reach a critical number of users, please avoid the completely unnecessary confusion and just stick with it!



Hi @floriakir,

We’re delighted to hear you’re enjoying our services to the maximum and thanks for supporting us :sunglasses:

We assure you we’ll keep providing the best services we can!

Happy New Year!

The Revolut Team :r: