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Thanks you @SG.Mandal
I have multiple feature requests, so I will split them bellow

  1. Account and pockets in Hryvnia (₴).

There is no possibility to open an account with Hryvnia (₴) currency, so there is no possiblity to open a Pocket either. That would be greatly appreciated if you can add this.

  1. Undefined currency Pocket

This is related to the first request, maybe it would be easier to implement.
It could be great if we could create a Pocket that is currency agnostic, this could be used to tie bills on it with currency that isn’t actually available for bank account.

Here is my usecase: I have a recurrent bill in Hryvnia (₴), when the bill arrive it take the money from my account and apply change. But I would like to spare money for this bill in a pocket instead of letting money on the main account and taking the risk to spend it by error.

  1. Custom date and amount for subscription payment

We should be able to change the date and the amount for future payments.

Where we setup a new subscription payment for services like Netflix or whatever… We can’t change the date of the next payment nor the amount.
When you just sign up for a new subscriptions there is no issue since these informations are correct.
But when you move from your old bank to Revolut, or renew your card, the informations become false. And that’s too bad because the “Upcoming payments” widget will reflect this.

Here is a usecase for you:
The customer was previously using a card from another bank than Revolut OR your Revolut card is expiring soon. Then the customer will modify the payment method on all his/her services and register them on his new Revolut card. Until here, everything is fine.

What’s next?
The customer registered his card for a service that is billed annually on 1st march for like 120$. The merchant will just verify the card by taking a fingerprint or billing 1$ and send it back directly.
Then the customer will not be able to flag these transactions as a subscriptions since it was > just a verification or refunded payment depending how the merchant handle the verification.

Then on the 1st of march the customer will receive the 120$ bill without seeing it coming in the “Upcoming payments” of the app.

  1. Custom frequency for subscription payments

Currently we can only set monthly or annual frequency but it’s too rigid. Customers should be able to specify custom frequency in months/years because some merchant do odd numbers.
Some offer to pay every two years, or three and apply discount if you do.

Some are totally flexible, like domain name registrar that allow you to pay for a domain for any amount of months or years between 3 months and 10 years…

To keep it short, there is no real technical difficulty to allow customers to set custom frequency and it could be very easily added.

Thanks for reading

You might be happy to hear that all those points are discussed in this forum already, many users find “Bill Pockets” lacking. Here’s a thread where your feedback is welcome input to an ongoing discussion: Have you heard about Pockets? 💰

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@Landslide3883, I have moved your feedback to the new topic as promised. :hugs:

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