Feedback on Revolut recruitment video


Erm, does Revolut employ anyone over 35?

I know that Revolut is a disruptor company, aimed at a certain demographic, but statements like ‘if you’re young’ as being a prerequisite for working at Revolut imparts a feeling of subtle or not so subtle agism at work here. (And, incidentally, age related employment criteria are illegal in UK employment law).

Maybe interviews with other Revolut employees in different age groups might be appropriate. And show Revolut’s commitment to diversity.

Rant over.


You wanted to say 25, didnt you :wink:


I was being charitable! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Doesn’t surprise me one bit.


Hi there. Thank you for your feedback.

But let me clarify that here at Revolut, we hire people based on their talents, experiences & knowledges which can contribute to disturb the system. Not based on any other criteria!


Andreas K :blue_heart:


Thanks for taking the time to respond @AndreasK

I’m sure that should be the case. And I’m reassured that recruitment is done on the basis of the best person with skills for the position.

It’s just I was surprised to hear the statement in the recruitment interview ‘if you’re young’. This would be equally upsetting if the statement had been ‘if you’re white’, or ‘if you’re male’, or ‘if you’re straight’.

I’m sure you can see how inappropriate such statements are. Similarly for the statement ‘if you’re young’. It can have the effect of putting off suitable candidates beyond a certain age range.

London is one of the most diverse and multi cultural cities in the world. Revolut should celebrate and reflect this diversity. I’m sure minorities (even in age related terms) exist within the Revolut workforce. It would be cool if we customers could see this diversity reflected in interviews, videos etc.

And I’m sure the HR department has a diversity strategy in place. This does not need to conflict with wanting the best people for the job.


So positive, such optimism, wow! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well better be optimistic than cynical…most of the time.


You are referring to Charles’ (ops) personal advise…“If you’re young & you want to work somewhere that is going to challenge you a lot…etc.” Never mentioned that this is Revolut’s criteria to hire someone. We value people of all ages!


Sorry, entered the realm of cynicism a long long time ago :wink: :crazy_face:


I’m pleased. But it would put off people of a certain age group. Even if they had all the requisite skills. And make the candidates self select themselves.

Surely you can see that? I’m afraid words matter.