Feedback on ATM withdrawals in China and Hong Kong SAR


Hi All,

Just came back from holiday in China in Jan 2018.

Visited cities especially in the southwest where even foreign supermarkets like Walmart and Carrefour don’t accept payments by Revolut - I tried both chip and pin and magstripe swiping but all failed they say this card is not registered in their system, and no local stores accepted this card either. Only successfully made a payment in a coffee shop at Beijing international airport.

However the there is still a glimmer of hope that is to get cash from ATMs.

I tested four major Banks and all worked ! including

Bank of China
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
Agricultural Bank of China
Bank of Communications
Live rates applied ! No fees within first month under 200 pounds equivalent.

MasterCard logo bearing ATMs like China Construction Bank, Hua Xia Bank, and China Commerce Bank all failed to accept Revolut.

In Hong Kong SAR , all drug stores and 7 - 11 convenient stores accepted Revolut contactless payment without a hitch just like in the UK.


Hi @KangPhD,

thank you for sharing. May I ask you if there merchants that didn’t accept the Revolut card were showing the Mastercard acceptance sticker?


Did you try with another non-Chinese card? Most merchants accept only UnionPay.


Revolut cards work only on ATMs listed at mastercard nearby app all over the world. Those atms are in a special network and not all atms are in it no matter what bank it is. The same bank may have atms in or outside this mastercard network!


Most local merchants don’t have MasterCard sticker. Normally only a handful who have will accept MasterCard of any bank.


I once used UK visa card to withdraw cash on an ATM and charged with high fees! Also tried with another UK prepaid MasterCard and failed to get cash on all ATMs but that’s understandable because it doesn’t support spending in China.