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In November my source of income was verified and limits were increased. Later, without any notification my limits were decreased to 12k. If you are decreasing limits you can at least make into consideration that I have provided source of income and not to decrease it that much.

At the moment my deposit was blocked in order to verify my source of income. Later, when everything was provided, Customer Service Agent asked me what limits should I expect? While waiting for my answer regarding it - my deposit is still blocked and limits left at 12k level. In my opinion it is common sense to release the deposit while waiting for my answer bearing in mind that you are not answering in chat within 4-5 hours or sometimes even longer.

I’m sorry to say that, but your Customer Service is far away from “good” and it would be really difficult to achieve it without getting the root of the problem however, I believe that it’s subject to change as your product is very good.

Can I ask someone to contact me somewhere as I’m still waiting for my deposit being released without any response from Customer Service.