Fee with Apple Pay.


Hi Community !

There’s something I don’t understand about fees.
When I top up my account with my Visa card (in Euros) there are no fees, but with this same card in the Wallet via Apple Pay, there is 1% fee !


Hey @ladasau :slight_smile:

Apple Pay adds fees higher than processing cards directly, and has therefore a different cost :wink:


Ok. Thank you ! :+1:t2:


Hm, I am not sure about this, @Juliopp :wink:

The merchant fees for Revolut shouldn’t be different. It is the issuing bank of the card that gets less per transaction. My guess is the card is not recognized as a debit card by Apple Pay. Is that possible?


Hey @Frank :slight_smile:

But, in the end, :r: must be getting a fantastic wholesale card-processing fee (else making free top-ups with card would be impossible).

However, the entity processing the card does not get the same conditions for Apple Pay payments (as far as I’m informed), and might need to pass this extra cost on to :r: :frowning:

I might be wrong though. I’ll research :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm, I thought that it can mean that he has credit card (not debit card) connected to his Apple Pay wallet.


Hey again, @redi and @Frank :slight_smile:

I spoke too fast and I was wrong. I have adapted the original post. Please, ignore my previous post, @ladasau.

My partner owns an iPhone and I recall him having a 1% fee through Apple Pay even with a debit card. I think I remember that support said what I wrote in my previous post, but his chat log is not loading and there’s no way for me to check :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, even if I remember correctly, it’s contrary to what is said on :r:'s facebook. Same fees should apply. That is, @Frank and @redi are completely right, your top-up through :green_apple:Pay should be free as long as it’s a debit card. Sorry for the mistake :wink:


For me it´s the same; when I top up from my debit card no charges, but if I use Apple Pay whit that same debit card I get charged 1%.
I couldn’t find anywhere if this 1% fee was standard with every Apple Pay top up, even with debit cards (no facebook), but I see I’m not the only one with that problem.
Just to be clear, should I or shouldn’t I be charged?



@AndreasK, please :smile:


Hi there!

Are you referring to the account ending **144?


I don’t know what you are referring to.
I have an account in euros but I cannot see any account number


Sorry I mean the phone number linked to your account ending **144?


No, mine ends in **225. Maybe that’s the one from the guy that began this conversation, ladasau



Should I or shouldn’t I be charged?
Can anyone from Revolut answer this, please?


I have been charged 1% as well for topping up 100eur through Apple Pay. This is clearly an error as the app explicitly stated there will be no fees:

I’d like this fixed and a refund.