Fee on a top up with a debit MasterCard


Hi, I’ve top up 10 dollars to try my new debit card and I saw that revolut charged my 0,17 dollars.


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Card issued in EEA?

If not, top ups as well as money received via rev link request from cards which are not issued in EEA have a fee.

And that’s written in Terms. I invite you to read the T&C. You’ll discover interesting things.



The card it’s emitted by an American bank. I don’t know that… A friend of mine top-up with a card emitted in Australia and he doesn’t have a fee

Bruno Piras



Please note that if you top up with a card that has not been issued within the EEA (e.g. a US based card) or you top up with a commercial card then we may charge a small fee just to cover our costs


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@Iskender is right. Here’s also a screenshot of the Revolut fee section of T&C:

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Ok thanks to all!!

I didn’t saw that!

Bruno Piras