Fee for topping up UK-based Revolut from US bank?


If I top up my UK-based Revolut account from a US bank account, will there be a fee? I’ll be topping up into my USD account but I can’t find much information about whether the bank will still charge me a handling fee because of it being a foreign account.

If there is, an estimate would be great - PayPal charge a flat 3 fee for moving from US to UK account, so if it’s less than this amount it’d be better to do it through Revolut.


common workaround is to use Transferwise Borderless Account that offers a US bank account to transfer money to and then use the TW card to top up Revolut in US$.
Explicitely use the TW card and don’t do a Transfer.

That way you should be able to get money to Revolut without any fees.