Fee for second virtual card when block first one ?

Hello. I opened the Revolut account and I’ve received the VISA virtual card. I was hoping that I’'ll receive virtual MASTERCARD. That’s why I’d like to block my VISA card and create second virtual card hoping I’ll get the MASTERCARD. My question is when I block the first virtual card and create the second one should I pay for it ? Is it any charge then ? Thanks for help

Hi there.

Each virtual card costs 5£, expect the very first virtual card which is free if you do not have any other cards active.

So if I understand well when I block the virtual VISA card then I won’t have any active card and when I’ll create new one it’ll be free ?

You have to “report it lost or stolen”. I believe temporarily freezed cards are still “active” cards.

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Frank so if I report the virtual card as lost or stolen card then I can create new virtual card without any fee /charge ?

Yes, I think so.

(But I am not sure if you would get the chance to choose between Mastercard and Visa.)

Did you find this out? I’m wondering the same.

I don’t think you can choose… all my virtual cards are visa. (2, one made now to try my luck).
As well as both plastic are MasterCard.
And the last one has 666 in the end… the antichrist is coming :scream:

Unfortunately, I didn’t find it out.