Feature Request: Receipt Photo Uploading Feature?


Anyone know whether:

  1. The photo is stored on Revolut’s servers, or locally stored (e.g. It’s gone if I re-install the app.)
  2. How I can check whether the photo has been uploaded successfully (I have a poor connection sometimes)

for the photo uploading feature for receipts.

Problem with receipt photos

I think photos are stored only locally.


Thanks for the answer.

Strange choice for Revolut to do this. Some other fintech challenger banks have this as an upload feature.



Yes unfortunately, photos are stored only locally (on your device). I think the reason behind this is based on the app’s capacity. Saving the photos on the app, it would increased the app’s size. Also, uploading the photos on the app requires internet connection, something that it doesn’t need now.


Thanks for the confirmation, @AndreasK. Appreciate it.

I’ve edited the title and category of this post to ‘feature request’.

I understand that image storage (Unless it is heavily compressed, Facebook Messenger style.) is prohibitive in terms of storage costs.

At the same time, I think it’s an incredibly beneficial feature, and absolutely essential in the world of cloud-based computing. Users that start afresh on a new phone, or re-install Revolut (New phone, or non-functioning app.) should be able to load their photo receipts from the cloud.

Some potential solutions to storage costs (/individuals using this feature as a private Instagram or Dropbox.) would be heavy image compression, and storage on block storage services such as AWS, Google Cloud Storage or Azure Block Blob (Image receipts can be segregated from the financial data, and offloaded to third-party block storage solutions, therefore saving money. In terms of privacy purposes, users can be warned and asked to consent to an additional privacy policy that will acknowledge their consent to storing image receipts on third-party servers.).

Having the image receipts uploaded to the cloud (Object datastore.) would mean that the size of the Revolut app would not be affected.

Additionally, as the viewing of receipts will be rare (Users tend to not look at image receipts unless they have to check something.), it means that the Internet connection problem will not be an issue.

Furthermore, users wanting to keep receipts in their mobile photo library is rare. Due to the expensive cost of phone storage (iPhones still had 16 GB as the stock option until late 2016.), people tend to either upload their photos to social media or a cloud storage system (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, …) and then delete it locally. Asking the user to specifically keep image receipts on their mobile phone, and not delete them, dissuades customers from using the feature in the first place due to this hassle.

Some other UK-based fintech challenger banks already this upload feature.

The magical nature of mobile-oriented banks is that, due to the nature of cloud technology, everything (Transactions data, …), image receipts included, can be restored if a phone is lost, or a new phone is obtained.

Really want to see this as a feature in Revolut in the future. Love Revolut and its multi-currency account, want to see it improve by implementing features such as a receipt photo uploading option in the future.


Could it perhaps integrate with Google Photos? This way you have to store only references to photo in google and google stores the photos