FATCA - can American Citizens open business accounts?

I know a lot of challenger banks don’t offer accounts to US citizens - do Revolut? Specifically interested in a business account.


citizenship is not the issue, it’s about residence and where the company is incorporated.

currently it’s limited to EEA+CH, but they are working on expanding to USA. They do have a BIC already! REVOUS31

I think the question was more specific about the legal tax situation. Some banks deny access for US citizens that are legal residents within EEA because FACTA complicates compliance for them.


time to summon @olga_revolut I guess then

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Thanks both. And yep, Frank has it. I’m an EU resident but that doesn’t exempt me from US rules.

Ah well. Couldn’t get an answer here or via social media, so I went with Tide who answered on both channels. (Lovely smooth onboarding there, by the way.)

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