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After our Poll, it was decided that we would post FAQs on Monday, so here you have them :gift:

These are the first ones, but next week I’ll come back with some more :eyes:

Login / Phone Number Change

  • Forgot Passcode Flow
    If you have forgotten your passcode to access the Revolut app, tap on ‘Forgot your passcode?’ in the login page of the app and follow the simple instructions to reset your passcode. You might be asked to take a selfie and answer some questions in order to complete the verification process. If you fail the verification process, you can contact us via in-app chat, even if you’re not logged in. More information can be found here.

  • Changed Phone number Flow
    If you have changed your phone number, and are not able to log in to your account, don’t worry. Go to the Login Page, select “Lost Access to My Number”, enter your old phone number and passcode, provide your email address, and follow the prompts to change your phone number.
    If you do not remember your passcode/old phone number, and fail the verification more than three times, the app will redirect you to our in-app chat support. Our support agents will be more than happy to help you with updating your details. More information can be found here.

Transfer from Revolut to Bank Account

  • Not to worry, this one is easy enough, and we can help you with that. On the main screen of your app, just tap on the middle button with two arrows at the bottom of the screen, then tap ‘+ New’, and ‘Add a bank recipient’. You’ll be asked to add the bank transfer details for either an Individual, or a Business. Once the beneficiary has been added, tap on it, choose the currency you want to send, and enter the amount. After the amount and currency have been added, tap ‘Continue’ to review your transfer details and estimated arrival time. If you still have troubles with transferring money, do not hesitate to reach out to our Community members, and if you need more information, check this help page.

Revolut Account Details

  • Depending on where you are based, you will see different account details.
    As a UK-based user, you have access to local GBP account details. To access these, head to the Home screen > Accounts tab > select British Pound > tap on the British flag to see your GBP account details. Your local GBP Account details will consist of sort code and account number.
    You also have access to local EUR account details, for domestic top-ups within the EU (in SEPA area). To access these, head to the Home screen > Accounts tab > select Euro > tap on the EU flag to see your EUR local account details. Your local EUR Account details will consist of BIC and IBAN. If you are thinking of performing an international bank transfer, we have made an easy-to-follow guide right here. Plus, we are always here in the Community to help you, in case you need an extra hand.

I hope these ones will help you out :handshake:

Stay tuned for next week’s FAQ, and leave in the thread what you would like to see answered here :question:


It’s handy, but only if app is working properly :expressionless:

Very often :r: app is crashing on simple tasks as it’s overcrowded and overloaded :face_with_monocle:
Tech team needs technically to clean it up, properly :thinking:

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