FAQs are Back for Another Round 🤓

Hi everyone! :wave:

Last year we started with our FAQs Topics, so today we bring a few more :eyes:

Revolut Expansion

We know you want to use :r: wherever you are in the world, and we are working towards this! :earth_americas: However, for now, we’re only supporting legal residents of the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The EEA includes: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

We’re launching across the world soon, so stay tuned! :rocket:

Vaults / Saving Vaults

  • Vaults: There are regular Vaults and Savings Vaults. Choose what works best for you, depending on your goals.

Personal Vault : Round up your spare change, set a recurring transfer, or make a one-time transfer.

Savings Vault : This works like a Personal Vault except your money will be deposited with a bank, and you’ll earn interest.

  • Saving Vaults: At the moment, we are offering Saving Vaults to UK-based users, to Polish users in the EEA, and to US-based users. To see the interest rates your Savings Vaults are earning, tap on your Savings Vaults under the ‘Vaults’ tab on the Home Screen or ‘Vaults’ icon in Marketplace in the app, and check the ‘Deposit’ section.

There is no minimum amount you need to start a Savings Vault with, so there’s no excuse not to start saving!

For UK users, the maximum you can save using Savings Vaults is £85,000, per partner bank. Once more partner banks are introduced, the maximum you will be able to save across all your Savings Vaults is £250,000. The £85,000 limit is due to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which only guarantees up to £85,000 per person per bank.

For PL users, the maximum one can save using Savings Vaults is €100,000, per partner bank. Currently, we only have one partner bank in Poland, which means that the total amount that can be deposited and earn interest on is €100,000. The €100,000 limit is due to the Deposit Guarantee Schemes, which only guarantee up to €100,000 per person per bank.

Finally, for US users, there’s a $250,000 limit applied to the total of Savings Vault’s balance. If a user tries to deposit more money, the deposit will not go through.

Got any doubt? The Community is here to help, :wink: and more information can be found here.

Referral Campaign

We know :r: is an amazing app to share, so if you receive an email invitation or an in-app push notification, or both, from Revolut, you’re eligible for a referral campaign. Please, keep in mind that we often run different referral campaigns at the same time, so the reward amounts may vary from customer to customer.

Generally, you’ll receive your reward when the person you referred completes all these steps:

  • Signs up using a promo campaign link provided by you

  • Verifies their identity

  • Adds money by debit card or a bank transfer (internal transfers don’t count)

  • Orders a physical Revolut card

  • Makes three genuine purchases with their virtual or physical card. These card payments can take a few days to be completed for this step to be marked as complete.

All of these steps must be completed within the campaign period, so that you can get your reward without any trouble. :smiley:

Stay tuned for next month’s FAQ, and leave in the thread what you would like to see answered here :question:

SG | Community Team


Is Canada still in the works?

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Referring is, technically, a cool thing, but the time frame to complete the actions is actually so short. I never managed to achieve one in time.

There should be a different time period to succeed the actions, than the time of the referral campaign.


ahhh the saving vaults… I wish more countries could have access to this… =/


Hello @IRE_alodris :wave: , welcome to our :r: community. :smiley: To know about the supported countries, please check out this FAQ link. :earth_americas: We’re launching across the world soon, so stay tuned! :rocket:

@CelianGdfrd :wave: , Unfortunately, you can’t extend the time frame of the referral offer right now. :frowning_face: To earn the reward, your invitee must complete the required steps within the timeframe of their campaign. Though the cycle of referral campaigns varies, these campaigns usually last a few weeks. :money_mouth_face:

@Covalent5 :wave: , Savings Vaults are currently available in GBP to all customers who are UK tax residents, and in USD and EUR to UK tax residents on paid plans. New currencies and countries are coming soon! :rocket:

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Looking forward to it!!! Can’t wait :heart::zap::vulcan_salute:t2: