FAO: Revolut Investor Relations


Since I have no way to contact or reach Revolut - as bizarre as that is in today’s world - I have some questions for Revolut Investor Relations regarding the latest release issued by Grace Stuart on 23 November 2017

I’d like to know the following:

  1. The active user number of 1m - is that actually the number of people using the platform, have downloaded the app or are generating revenue for the company?

  2. Does Transaction Volume include internal account flows? i.e. Is there Double Counting of say someone who credits £1,000 to their account, converts it to euro and then passes it back out again?



Unfortunately Revolut makes promises but doesn’t keep them. To make matters worse, they’ve kind of stopped updating their front-page with exact user numbers.

I have a Monzo card which I do not use, but at least they know how to communicate with their customers besides when they need something from them.