False exchange rate price alerts

Last Friday afternoon (16 February 2018) I had set a price alert for GBPUSD to go above $1.4100 (after it had dropped below that value).

Since then, I kept receiving alerts at seemingly random times over the weekend. The first time late at night on Friday, but also on Saturday and Sunday, but the value never went above $1.41. Each time I reactivated the alert in the app as it seems to disable itself once triggered.

When I wanted the activate the alert again just now (Monday) I realised that the alert was listed as “below” (instead of “above”) on the alerts screen of the iPhone app. I thought, that’s weird, left it as it was and added a new alert with the GBPUSD value $1.4101. There is no option to choose between above or below. I confirmed and now both alerts were listed as “above”. I have not changed the old alert (which is not possible anyway).

So, clearly, something must be going wrong with above and below.

Hi there.

Currently rate alerts trigger at the price you can BUY the cryptocurrency. We are looking into allowing users to choose whether they receive an alert for the BUY price or SELL price in the near future

Thanks for your reply. I actually want to buy USD, in my example when I can buy 1.4101 USD for 1 GBP.

Like I said, I set up exactly the same alert again yesterday and it’s listed as “above […]”. See screenshot:

Still doesn’t explain why the alerts triggered randomly over the weekend. I don’t have a problem with it now and it’s not a big deal for me. I just wanted to let you know.

I am also experiencing this issue. I get a price alert and check the current and historic price and it never hit the price that the alert was set to. Definite bug :bug:

Is this bug still present on the app ? I have the same issue; I get a price alert but when I check the current and historic price I can see that it actually never hits the price that I set it to.