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Let’s face it, higher is better. So, we’re giving you the key to get the most out of your money: increased interest rates on Savings Vaults. Deposit the change from your coffee, and watch it grow!

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Looking to invest? We’ve made it even easier to find stocks to add to your portfolio. Quickly find and track stocks through filters such as sector, market cap, and many more.

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We don’t just charge your card, we have a real relationship and things to talk about. So we’re keeping it simple: access all the features you need from your Home tab. Are you falling in love, already?

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We’re bringing you top-of-the-class quality. Our team’s so specialised it’ll blow you away! They master all things technical, and they’re about to transform and supercharge our support.

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We need something self service to request incorrect transaction data amendments including logos, a lot of fintechs allow you to request even via a twitter handle.


Hi @sean.read :wave:

You can report this to us in the app by going to Profile - Help - Report Issue - Submit Feedback :iphone:

Have you tried this before?

I certainly have! Its close to useless, none of the problems got sorted, It’s much quicker going on Chat and getting staff to do (baring in mind a couple of times I was passed in between 12-13 different reps to fix one transaction, the feedback feature is in my opinion is far too basic, we need an easier way to correct transaction discrepancies or to at least report them to you. It’s frustrating to say the least when you try to check your finances and IE your grocery bill gets screened as a mobile phone contract transaction, which is a real current issue. :laughing::person_shrugging:

Personally I feel the company needs to fix the basics before jumping on yet another product, if I wasn’t using an open banking aggregator, my finances would be a mess.


I dont have Report Issue in my app

Sorry to hear about that @sean.read :slightly_frowning_face:

How do you believe we could make things easier to report when it comes to such feedback? We would love to improve your experience :eyes:

No worries at all, when you open a transaction, it would be handy if there was a button to report the discrepancy at the bottom or top, IE name, Logo source (Twitter Handle or socials url). Hope that makes sense.


This sounds great :ok_hand: Looking into it :eyes:


I raised this with chat and the shoddy response was the merchant data comes from Google and they have no power to control it.

The merchant data also acts weird. Whilst settling it’s one thing, when settled it’s another.

Images also vary from visa to MasterCard, and then the original Revolut card (purple pink) just doesn’t want to update at all.

Monzo handles this really well, Starling is catching up, revolut has a lot of category style images down my feed.

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I’d love the ability to split a purchase into multiple categories by a manual entered amount, and option to auto exclude a category from analytics.

It would also be good to include inbound payments to analytics as my spending is off when someone sends me their share, but it won’t amend said figures on the charts because it wasn’t sent by splitting the bill directly (non revolut customer).

Lastly, referrals where both parties receive a bonus, it then makes it worthwhile for the other person.


Great ideas @Carl_1460 :eyes:

Thank you for those :pray:

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I just want everyone to be aware about the specialist team.

I got my phone stolen last saturday, all my cards were fine at home, no money was stolen and nothing compromised. I asked revolut to be able to access to the money of one of my vault because I did the dumbest idea to make revolut my main account and it was the only money I had. Things is I did not have access to phone number (phone stolen) and had to connect by mail link that restrain what you are able to do.

I asked support for help, they restrain my account (did not ask for that) ask me for a selfie with a paper writen revolut the exact date and hour.

I did it.

They asked me to tell the last login and devices connected

I did it.

They asked me to check all the transactions and tell me the suspicious (there was non)

I did it.

I think on every other bank it would be enough (because it’s enough to verify your identity and no compromision was made)

Then they asked me to change the password, I try to do it from desktop (because my phone was stolen and I could not repair my old or buy one because money is locked) Exactly the reason I do always pay with apple pay like that if phone is stolen I still have access to money.

It did not work, they said they will send me a link to change my mail or password it did not work ( link to connect worked so on their side)

Then they told me I needed to borrow a phone friend which I could not.

Then I finally tried on a friend phone, the thing is Revolut is asking to connect through mail by link since it’s a new phone.
And it can only done through clicking the mail on the same phone.
Thing is I had 2FA activated on my mail and despite writing my 30/35 caracters password they asked to either click on the notification of my offline stolen phone, either enter the code I received of my stolen number (still did not receive my sim) .

I let you do your own judgement about revolut practices, Just be aware that when you get your phone stolen it’s not the good moment you need to get your money locked.

A normal bank would find a solution, Revolut will just follow it’s procedures. I was wondering why revolut procedures where as if Revolut customers need biillionaire safety (no card as been stolen, no money neither and phone was locked so basically it’s as if someone still one of your document and has your adress (phone) but neither the key of the door of your building (phone password) and the landloord do not want to get back access to your flat until you change your door lock(revolut password) even has none of your keys but just your adress.

And it’s not they care about customers, they do not care, it’s just about them being sure that if there is 0.00001% chance of money getting stolen they will previously have done things that 100% discharge them to have refunding you.

It’s why they want me to change my password, my mail, get the police complain, and all of this while my priority is to get access to my money. You know to buy groceries, get fuel to go to work and other vital needs of maslow pyramid.

They do not care, and it’s why they will do nothing if you do not follow procedure.

At the end I learnt it painfully ( I spend all my free time to try get back access to my account since sunday) Revolut should just remain as it was in 2018 when I opened it, a travel account or leisure account. Despite them trying to make belief that they are liable to get your wage and money they are not.
I have my revolut account since 2018, it’s my 3 phone stolen (yes France is not safe) the 2 previous time I did not even tell revolut because I was using it as second account. Despite that I never have any compromision in 4 yers.

A normal bank would not have leaving me helpless without money and with only solution to borrow a phone to change the password. And when explain them it’s impossible exactly because phone was stolen and 2FA they would not have told me" sorry but come back when you will success to do thanks for your understanding. "

At the endrevolut CS are just humans acting as bot : yes / no if no the go back and do it again. They do not have any possibility.

A bank would have just changed my password and send me a new one. Or they would have just letting me get cash in agency or find whatever solution. I would not have to borrow money to a friend.

Since I understood that revolut was not doing this procedure for safety of it users but for themselves I am not angry anymore so this not a rant.

Just either do not get your phone stolen or just do not rely on Revolut as main account. Or just do not tell to Revolut if your phone get stolen/lost

While everything is fine it’s ok but if one day you will get a critical issue you will be against a wall. And all the amount of problem they will cause to you is the last of their priority.

On my side I feel dumb to have told everyone Revolut was great and finally friends that were reticent and I was making fun of were right. They might have to pay for instant transfer, bank account and other but they get SERVICE. You will deal with a human that know it’s product and will be able to help you and find solution.

Good continuation to everyone and especially Frank that is always here to help.

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Based on various reports I have read so far I have a few general ideas that can help users to prevent a similar situation when your phone is lost or stolen:

01_ Have Revolut installed on a second device (in my case it is an iPad) so you won’t lose access to your account and are able to maintain control over everything - and of course do not have both devices together (i.e. do not have them in the same backpack in case of a theft).

02_ Have a free credit card from an other independent issuer (i.e. American Express) so you can buy a new phone with it in a emergency situation.

03_ Never, never ever get a new phone number! That is crucial! You log in to Revolut with your phone number! So shut down your current SIM-card over your provider and get a replacement SIM with the same number! Providers can usually provide you an eSIM instantly (if your phone supports it) so you don’t have to wait for your card to arrive via mail.

04_ Lock your phone with a real good pass code - do not use digits or some pattern lock.

05_ Always keep your E-Mail address up do date in the app. This is your bank account we are talking about not some browser game!

So basically harden your phone security and have a backup plan ready.


01- Needing to have 2 devices is imo already a sign that this Revolut should remains a leisure account.

02- Same, if I had a bank no matter what happen I would have a solution within a day like get cash in worse case.

3-I did not get a new phone number I am still waiting for the sim card that still not arrived. And in this case it’s not the issue, issue is just that revolut want me to change password on app.

4 My phone had a 29 password caracters.

5- It is updated since I value safety I have 2FA which mean I cannot connect on foreign devices since I still wait for my sim card to arrive.

I would have went in shop, but I do not have money since revolut locked my account.
I did harden everything, did not wait Revolut for security. Thanks for answers though

Hey @Bogz - my post was not directly aimed at you. I just brought up some ideas that could help other users in the future.


Hello, I have been following the website for the past few days. I would like to review this website on my site here. Is it possible? Or should I need to pay to access this? Please let me know. I will highly appreciate for your kind response. Thank you,

@Mariana_Rodrigues is the site manager, you should ask her directly.

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Would love to see subscription support inside scheduled payments in Australia :australia:

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