Fair Usage Policy Update


I believe it’s 200 of your home currency. Conversion is applied when you travel. You can check that in the limits section of the app - it always shows GBP and I see that conversion is applied for all my EUR operations


I received a similar in-chat answer but much shorter, so I was hoping for an official statement.
If so (200 usd/eur/gbp), why not write it in plain text?


Hey guys,

E.g. Let’s say your base currency is EUR and you have 200EUR ATM free allowance, and you’re travelling to Australia. You withdraw 283.68AUD at once, that’s the equivalent of 200EUR at today’s rate.


Perhaps you meant “You withdraw 283.68AUD at once, that’s the equivalent of 200 EUR at today’s rate”, otherwise the math won’t add up?

Update: Also, that would mean when one’s base currency is EUR and they withdraw GBP - the free limit is only ~173 GBP, correct ?


Yup. I have corrected it.


For Users of Premium you should offer 1000 €


From now on I’ll make sure my one week holiday spans 2 calendar months!


Why? To stay profitable they shouldn’t offer free widthrowal at all. Revolut works with credit, not paper money, and paper money should be discouraged. They should instead improve the service to make usage trouble free everywhere. There’s where they should focus, not offering you paper money.


Thats all fine and dandy when you are in countries that has adopted cards, even a big country like Germany is still (thanfully!) very much cash based. Often times stores will reject cards if they are of the “wrong” type - i don’t know if revolut is viewed as a credit or debit card for example?

Bottom line; Cash is still very much king and we should be happy that is a fact.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about… Feeding paper money is not a solution. But that’s just my opinion. BTW: Your actual Revolut is a prepaid debit card. Why happy? To make it easier to avoid paying taxes? I don’t see other “advantages”.


I live in the probably worst countries in the world when it comes to cash (more than 80% of transactions are now electronic in sweden) so i know how all the drones go on about how “convenient” and “practical” it is.

No it’s not about taxes, it’s about power - power over our funds., a quick block in the computers and you are totally denied access to your own money in a cashless society.

I was hoping Revolut users wasn’t as 1984:erd as the common swede, have given up hope for our nation. The germans seem to have more brains.


I’m sorry. I just disagree. But in my opinion you are not exactly where you’d like to be here… It’s about fintech, neither fintrade nor finbarter, and I believe Revolut will rather move forward than backwards. I kinda see your point but it’s not a good one for me, and then how Revolut would be profitable then? All in all I’m fine with you having a different opinion.


I’m not saying cash should take over - all im saying is that there is need for cash. Just look at all the posts on this forum where users goes on and on about raising the limit back up again as 200 euro is nothing if you are on holiday in a cash based country.

Put a yearly limit on it instead, i’d be fine with 1000 euro per year instead of 200 per month - thats less than half we have access to currently but still it would cover a couple of weeks where cardreaders are few and far between.

People need to have options or else they find a competitor so it most certainly is in the interest of revolut.


I see man… Well that makes sense to me, like more flexibility on withdrawal time frame, which doesn’t encourage cashing, but covers for emergencies. I like that :smiley: I think Revolut should consider it. After all, we are just talking about flexibility. I’d go even further, add this kind of flexibility as a Premium feature!

I have the same issue with traveling, so I do understand what you are talking about. However, I’d rather be happier if Revolut would focus on making more deals with other credit circuits and being accepted globally, whatever, instead of dealing with cash.

You gotta understand there’s no way for Revolut to scale a business with cash, so paper money is just not the way to go. And after all, till we get there, you still have your super solid Deutsche bank account to sidekick, right?


Naa, i have backup in the form of swedish banks - how solid they are remains to be seen. We got away pretty easy during and after the lehman crash and swedish people are more in debt than ever before so it’s all set for a ride i suspect :roll_eyes:


I see… I agree… solidity is just a word :grin: So yeah, like your proposal a lot. I wouldn’t bet on competitors making any pressure though. As I said, nobody is going to give you cash for free. Let’s focus on making Revolut better instead.


Absolutely, revolut is digital and shall remain digital. It acts in an analog world though and therefor cash needs to be accessible to its users when needed. As time goes by and technology caches up with more and more countries the need for it should go down naturally anyhow?


Hi, i made à transfer With Old iban. What s going to happen ? Thanks


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