Fair Usage ATM Withdrawal Fees

I have recently returned from a trip to Europe where i used my Revolut card to withdraw EUR from the ATM. The trip straddled the month end so I withdrew £200 on 29th May and then another £200 on 6th June, thinking both would be fee free as the fair usage would have reset at month end. However, I was charged a 2% fee for the second withdrawal. Can anybody explain how the fair usage window works so I don’t make this mistake next time?

It seems they changed the period from calendar month recently, and the limit is now supposed to reset on the day you opened your account. Someone mentioned it here as an answer he got from customer support but I can’t find the thread now.

It resets on the anniversary of your account opening. Or the date of upgrading to Premium. Not the calendar month. You can check the limits remaining by going to your Price Plan contained under the More button.

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Not showing what is my anniversary date under Price Plan tab. How to find out where the ATM withdrawal limit resets?

In Revolut 4.2.2 it’s under the More button, then Profile, then Price Plan.

I have app version 4.4.2 android, and it looks different than yours. See my screenshoot.

Under “learn more about the plan” there is only generic Fair Usage Policy website.

Maybe Android and iOS apps are different? Or anniversary date doesn’t show up in standard plans?

Maybe? Any input in that matter from revolut team?

well? No words regarding account anniversary date?

I spoke with revolut team over built-in chat. They said limit will be reset each 1st day of the month.

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hummm, which seems to be contradictory with what happened to pmymmw at the begining of the topic as she was charged after redrawing ont the 6th while she redrew before that date on the 29th of the previous month :confused:

This changed. Depending on when a customer joined Revolut, they might have had a monthly period or a rolling period. It also resets after joining the premium plan.

Any clue to what group I belong to?

Its definately a rolling month from date of sign up see here from FAQ’S
Quite a while ago it used to be calendar month but I’m not sure when it changed,. Certainly if you joined in last 12 months you wll be on rolling month.