Failing to log in to the app in Asia even with the U.K. phone number

I have used Revolut with satisfying experience when I was in the UK and EEA. Just things turned out to be difficult when I moved to Hong Kong and I am going to stay there for a considerable period of time.

Now I cannot log in to the Revolut app even with my UK phone number in Hong Kong– the app just goes straight to the page, indicating that I am on the waitlist and I was invited to bump up the queue.

Despite I have the Revolut physical card with me but I still need to log in to the app for more functions. I am also traveling back to EEA and London in a near future, so I would love to keep my Revolut account and app with the UK phone number as possible.

How can I log in to the app in this connection?

Did you sign up for a second account?

Also, do you still have a legal residence in the UK? If not, you’d be in somewhat of a grey area, as you technically wouldnt be eligible to an account anylonger.

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Thanks Alessandro for your reply and advice!

I didn’t sign up for a second account as I try to keep the current one.

Regarding the residence issue, literally my student VISA permit had expired. If it is falling in the grey area as you suggest, do you think people can still log in to the app when they return to the border of either one country in EAA? I am traveling to the UK and EAA in a near future, so I hope at least I can access to Revolut by logging in to the app.

Many thanks!

The waitlist would indicate that you signed up from a country that is not yet supported. Hence my question if you signed up again, indicating Hong Kong.

Apart from the problem you are facing, there should be generally no problem logging in from outside the EEA too. What I meant by grey area is actually not even that grey but pretty clear - if you dont reside in the EEA you cant have a Revolut account. That also applies to existing accounts. Now if and how they check it is a different subject, but if they do at some point and you cant present the required documents, you might have problems with that account.