Failed transactions and locked account, now radio silence


I signed up to Revolut late last week after hearing good things about it from a colleague. I verified my identity and the top up card I had used to transfer funds (a few hundred Euro) to my Revolut card. So far, so good.

Until it came time to actually use Revolut to pay for anything.

I had exchanged funds into GBP, and the first two transactions failed due to suspicious activity. I thought nothing of it, and paid using an alternative card. I then, yesterday, tried to pay a well known online retailer in GBP. I attempted this twice, with both transactions failing, with my Revolut account finally being blocked. I spoke to a customer agent through the app, who apologised, unblocked my account, and suggested deleting and re-adding my card to the retailers site, and attempting my order again. This time, the card was accepted, but the standard pre-authorised charge to the card failed this time, again due to suspicious activity, and then, for the second time, my account was blocked. Spoke to the same agent, apologised, unblocked. Tried again, order failed.

I then decided to try with a different online retailer, having converted funds back into EUR. This order failed too. Frustration finally got the better of me, and decided that I would transfer my several hundred Euro back to my (in my name) bank account (which is linked to the top up card used with Revolut) as I hadn’t had a single successful transaction with Revolut. This bank transfer then failed, with my account being locked. Again, I spoke with the same customer service agent who informed me that this would have to be referred to a colleague as it was a ‘complex case’. How, I’m unsure, as I’ve verified my identity (scanned my passport, and taken a comparative facial photo), verified my top up card, and never actually completed a transaction with Revolut.

That was the last I heard last night. Asking for reasons as to why it is complex, or requesting an update has gotten zero response from the in-app support. This is not an insignificant sum of money, and now I have no access to it and, without support acknowledgement, no timeline as to if/when I’ll be able to withdraw my funds and move on.


Hi @S_And_S84,

Please accept our apologies for any difficulty you may have had using our services or contacting our support team.

We’d like to investigate what has happened, so please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account.




Don’t mean to hijack conversation, but I am also locked out of the app and debit card not working. No success reaching customer service, finally found this forum after hours of searching. 9724005709.


Hello @Duke,

Make sure you’re using the right phone number. Looks like this phone number is not associated with your account. Please contact me directly.


How do I contact you directly?


Hit on my name, then messages.


I have sent you, can you see it?


I have had my account locked with no explanation also, since November.
No help from support at all, either ask same security questions over and over then tell me they cannot tell me anything/awaiting a response from the relevant team or either totally ignore me.

I’ve logged a complaint - with no response, so totally pointless
Seems if something like this happens your just left alone with no support, shocking.
I hope if you have funds in there it is either resolved asap or you can contact the fca.



Our compliance team has contacted you via the in-app support. Please get back to them whenever is best for you.