Failed transaction


Hi, on 29 of April I made a transfer from a Greek bank account to my revolut. The money hasn’t deposited yet and I have no update about my still pending transaction. This is unbelievable! I have contacted them and still waiting. Is there anyone that could give me some advice?
Thank you!


Which account number have you used? Local or pooled (SWIFT)? Are you verified?


Hi Redi thanks for your message. I have made many transfers before this is the first time I have this issue. I used swift yes.


Ok, so please check if you’ve typed your reference number.
Anyway you have to wait for contact.
Maybe try Twitter or Facebook.
Here I’ll tag @AndreasK and @JessicaZ for you.
They’ll help when they’re on their shifts.


Hi there. Did you include the 8 digit reference number? Please reach out to our in-app support team with the bank transfer confirmation. An agent can help locate the transfer.


Hi Jessica, yes all the information was correct. I’ll do that ASAP. But they are so busy and they delay to reply. Thank you