Failed top up leading to missing funds.


So on Tuesday last week i tried to make a top up using my banking debit card, the top failed. This was due to a Revolut system error and i’m told didn’t just effect me. However i was stuck in Budapest airport at the time and the amount i tried to load was instantly taken out of my debit account but didn’t reach the Revolut card.

I contacted my bank who said that Revolut need to cancel the transaction with thier merchant, my bank authorised the payment and Revolut have failed to collect the funds. Revolut have said the issue is with my bank, that’s not the case. So i have now been left without the funds in either my debit account or my Revolut account.

Luckily i have still got some funds in my debit account and a small amount on my Revolut card, but as the month goes on I’m starting to worry that the funds will not be returned! I’m told by my bank that it should be automatically returned after Revolut fail to collect within ten days. The support from Revolut has been really poor, all they have to do is cancel the transaction their end but refuse to do so. This lack of willing from support to resolve the issue seams to be a regular thing after reading other users issues.


Hi @kmacca007

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused - we understand how frustrating this must have been for you. Let me try to offer you a more detailed explanation of the issue:

Last Tuesday, there was an issue with one of our payment processors, which has impacted top ups for a number of users. The error meant that when a user would top up, their funds would leave their bank accounts but would be rejected on our end, leaving them in a holding account with the user’s bank.

Since the transactions never went through, they didn’t reach Revolut at any point, rendering the transactions as ‘pending’. A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still awaiting the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. The amount won’t be available on your balance until the merchant either cancels the payment or 10 working days have passed and the money hasn’t been claimed. After this time, your balance should be adjusted automatically. However, since you have used a credit card to top up, the settlement time can sometimes be longer than 10 days.

Once the transaction settles, the funds will be reverted from your bank’s holding account over to your originating account. And while we cannot give you an accurate date when the settlement will occur, we can email your bank on your behalf and ask them to release the funds, should you want us to do so.

Once again, please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused. I can promise you that we are working hard to build new systems that can overcome most of these unforeseen issues.


Did you get this issue resolved? It just happened to me for about £200 last night 8pm, it failed and no sign of my cash getting very worried as I go on holiday tomorrow! Please help!


It took about 10 - 14 days to return to my debit account.