Failed cash transactions still debited

Hi. I went to make a cash withdrawal today at an ATM I’ve used many times before (Ireland). The transaction failed with some kind of error message, but it happened too quickly for me to see what it was. I repeated the transaction with the same result. I then noticed that Revolut were showing 2 x 60 euro debits for these failed transactions! I’ve had no response from Revolut support for nearly 4 hours, which I think it is pretty poor for something like this, which considerably undermines confidence in the card. I can’t see any report of a general issue today. I am annoyed by the lack of response, and worried about the rogue debits. How on earth do I prove that the ATM didn’t give me the money?

I had the same thing happen today for 2 x £50 withdrawals and had the same 4 hour response message. I tried a 3rd time at another cashpoint machine and it worked but those 2 failed transactions still show as withdrawn!!

OK, that’s good (I think!). Suggests that there is a system problem somewhere. Hopefully the lack of response is because they are working on fixing the problem!

I have that feeling too, worrying though and that’s my last £100 so I’m screwed until they credit it back…

I used a Halifax machine and it failed twice but then a 3rd try worked ok in a Santander machine, what bank was yours?

Mine was a Bank of ireland machine, but they may well share backend services. I’ve just had a contact from them now, with “sincere apologies” for the delay in responding. I’ll let you know if/when they fix.

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I have had the same problem today. I tried to withdraw €200 but was unable to. I also tried to make a £35 transaction in a shop that was declined. I since believe it was because the top up was still pending at the time. Although I have never had that sort of wait time before. because now the card is working as normal again. But anyways since then both amounts from the failed transactions have been deducted from my revolut account and I am still waiting to speak to a live agent five hours later.

I am in an dialogue with an agent now, who says that it is out of Revolut control and down to the ATM provider, who has 7 days to claim the money or let the transaction lapse. So, 7 days potentially to get the money back then. I have raised a formal complaint as that kind of delay could cause real hardship. I have also threatened to post on financial blogs and other social media. Not sure whether it will get me anywhere, but this isn’t fair (even if not directly in Revolut control).

I don’t know whether or not coincidence, but my complaint and threat to go to social media with this issue has coincided with the failed transactions being marked as “declined” and the funds returned to my account.

Hi there. Pending transactions are payments that have been authorised but are still waiting for the ATM provider’s confirmation or reversal. The ATM provider has 7 days to either claim or cancel the payment.

Sometimes a declined withdrawal might appear as pending. If this is the case, the funds will be automatically returned to your account within 7 days.

Hi JessicaZ, thank you for the reply. The monies were returned to my account about 6 hours after it was taken. For me, it was not so much a declined transaction, but that the ATM had a meltdown, leaving me out of pocket and stuck, not only with no money but without the means to get any more as the money I was trying to withdraw had been blocked! Coupled with that, the complete lack even of an acknowledgement from Revolut for 4 hours was a source of concern. I know it is out of Revolut control to a certain extent, but if it had really taken the 7 days to put things right, that should be unacceptable in this day and age, with the ability to move funds around at the click of a button. The money was returned just as i was about to post the issue on finance-related social media - would have been interesting!

Ash, did you get your money back?