FAILED Bank Transfer Top Up via SEPA

  • Money got lost on Bank Transfer TOP UP -

Hi there,

On Friday 02.02.18 I transferred 500€ from a European bank to my Revolut Euro Account (own IBAN GB REVO) via SEPA.
Normally this way of topping up works well!
Unfortunately, this time money has not arrived yet!

The Chat Agent told me that there is currently an issue with other European banks populating the wrong Revolut BIC in the transfer process.

Interestingly, the European Bank I transferred the 500€ from did not stop the transfer from their side.
This means that the money must have landed somewhere right @revolut ?

I have now requested all information about this transfer from the Bank I sent the money from.
Hopefully, Revolut will then be able to locate my money!

How will @revolut solve such issues to guarantee to save SEPA Bank Transfer Top Ups?

I have the same problem and there are at least 3 other topics and lots of other users with the same problem - so far clue where are the money or will they appear and where…

Did you try to claim it back with your sending bank?

The information the sending institution gave me was not enough for the @revolut agent. @revolut is not able to locate my money…

What does this mean and how can I solve this issue?

In my case I send the money from my exchange market account, so it’s a bit more complicated. I have raised the issue, but it will take much more time. The way I see it in all cases both @revolut and banks did NOT support thier clients and no one escalates to SEPA transfer system…

Same problem here and I‘m totally reliant on that money. I did 2 transfers on 01.02.2018, one from Paypal to my Revolut account and the other from a private account. In total I expect 1900,00€ that’s a lot for me and the money didn’t hit my Revolut account until now. I need this money urgent and the strangest thing is that I did 3 transfers before from Paypal and this private account and the money always booked on my Revolut account the next day. How could I now that there is a problem with the BIC! If so I hadn’t used the Revolut account for that transfer. Now I ended up with no money in Thailand for more than 3 days. Got some money on an alternative account now. I really angry about that and want urgent support from Revolut! The two chat agents I talked to said that I should ask Paypal and the other Bank if they used the right BIC!? Yes, they did cause they the last 3 transactions where delivered without any problem. I hope I get my money as soon as possible. Otherwise I‘m in big trouble. Just had my last chat a few minutes ago. They definitely want a confirmation from Paypal otherwise they can‘t help me. Paypal don’t give a confirmation so my money is somewhere for the next days. That’s NOT acceptable at all!

Hey @Bert I am sorry to hear that.
I went for the reclaim process of the sending institution…

Apparently, it should bounce back to your previous accounts naturally.
This can take up to 8 working days.

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Please be aware that REVOGB2L is non-sepa BIC and if you send the funds using this BIC the transfer will bounce back to your bank with potential swift fees applied. Please contact your bank if you cannot put REVOGB21 manually and ask them to update their IBAN tables or manually change the BIC for you to a SEPA one: REVOGB21.

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Hi @AndreasK, I appreciate your answer!

But why don’t you just send out requests to the banks to change the BIC, as you are already aware of this issue?
I guess such a request coming from another financial institution is much more impactful than one from an individual.

According to the Community, I am not the only one with this issue…


Hi @AndreasK! I don’t know if anyone at @revolut is familiar with the Paypal process of registering an banking account for transfers. Paypal proofs your IBAN and BIC before you can use it for any transaction by sending you a small amount of money to your entered IBAN and BIC with a PIN CODE you have to enter during verification process on Paypal after you received the amount. And once your account was verified neither BIC nor IBAN are changeable and Paypal uses just these details! And it’s REVOGB21 in there and it worked this way for 3!! transactions. So why should Paypal suddenly use another BIC? That’s ridiculous nonsense. Still running after my money and all chats are helpless until now. I’m really angry, never had such issues before!


Thx Mario, it’s ridiculous what they told me during chat. I’m speachless…

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@AndreasK BTW both BIC belong to Revolut! REVOGB21 and REVOGB2L - so why can’t you figure out where my money stucks if Paypal did change the BIC (what I can’t believe) to the “wrong” one REVOGB2L, my money should be somewhere on a Revolut account! It’s seems to me you’re not interested in helping your customers. Bad idea!

Indeed both BIC belong to Revolut. However, as mentioned before, the one you’ve used it’s only available for non-sepa transfers therefore the funds will not reach out our eco system.

Who said that I used it? That’s what you pretend Paypal did use for that transaction. I changed nothing and always used REVOGB21.

I’ve read your chat with our support team, but you’re more than welcome to send me all the documents you have via a direct message if this is not the case.

@marioschleith You are right. But let me clarify that we’re already in touch with banks and working on it. However, this takes longer with small banks.

Hi Andreas, that’s the infinite loop im stucked in! As you might have read in the support chat, I’ve talked to Paypal several times now. They can’t provide any documents and they confirmed three times that they always use just the verified IBAN and BIC for any kind of transaction and it is an automated process in which neither the IBAN nor the BIC is changed or modified through Paypal. That’s why they do this verification process once you add the account to Paypal, to be sure that the money is transfered to the correct account. So again, I verified the Revolut account with REVOGB21 as BIC and that worked 3 times before without any problems. Paypal further said that they have to wait at least 14 workdays before they can open a case and do research on the transaction. That means I have to wait at least until the 23rd of February to start a request! I’m reliant on that money, that is the worst thing what could happen to me. I’m in a foreign country without money and that is nothing someone could say it’s my fault! Again to mention: I changed nothing and it worked 3 times without problems so how could I have known that Revolut changed something within their BIC? No one told me that from Revolut.

Hi @AndreasK. I have the same problem. Transfered 300 € on 02.02.2018 from a European bank through SEPA and still haven’t receive them. I have made 8 transactions previously from the same bank account using the same standing order and never had a problem, the money was always on my Revolut account the next day. There is obviously some problem on your side. All banks+paypal did not suddenly start using a wrong BIC.


Thx @DarkoK! Absolutely true! Why should all banks and Paypal suddenly mess up the BIC which previously worked fine. Stop giving up responsibility to others and fix it asap please!

Hi there! I have the same problem! I’ve topped my revolut via SEPA yesterday,but the money doesn’t arrive.Is the first time that I have this problem,but I need money asap,It’s urgent!Can you help me please?