Extremely frustrating bank transfers

Hello guys,

I am extremely disappointed with Revolut so far.

Last week (Monday 29/01) I made a bank transfer from my Dutch account to my Revolut account. That transfer never arrived and bounced back yesterday (05/02) to my Dutch account.

I just remade the transfer but I fear that the same issue will arise again. Revolut even told me I had to call my bank (ING) to know if they were using the right BIC?!

No one uses BIC since October 2016 and there is no option in my online banking to enter a BIC code.

So far only one transfer I have made with Revolut worked and it was processed the same day.

Why don’t you use your ING Visa Debit Card to top up your account? It is instant and free of charge.

We don’t have a Visa or Master debit card in The Netherlands. We use Maestro.

What type of cards does ING give you when you open a bank account with them? I’m Germany you get a Maestro card and a VISA debit.

Only Maestro, but without the 16 digit code on the front of the card.

Hello, I also live in the Netherlands and use ING.
I just made an transfer so far using international bank transfer, not local, and it was successful.
If you were asked BIC/SWIFT code, you can use ‘‘INGBNL2A’’ and your account number on your Maestro card.