extract account

Please send me an account statement from the date of the card creation so that I can justify to Raiffeisen Bank of Romania that I have attempted to transfer 40 euro to the Revolut account by transfer but this was not done due to a bank account and Raiffeisen employee .
Without this excerpt I can not justify the banillary absence I expect on the Revolut account.
Thank you .

Hey Florin

In app support are able to create this for you. Please contact them via the app. Type “live agent” to get past Rita :slight_smile:

everyone wants to bypass poor rita these days. i wish there was a mechanism to stop been ignored once your request has been “escalated”

I don’t think that calling it “Ignored” is the right thing. The chat have not been assigned a specific agent on that team yet (or that is what I think is happening). Instead they should write automated messages or something. Maybe like “Please already now upload required document. See more at help center (link)”. etc.

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it’s the lack of “feedback” that makes the wait horrible. status updates even if it’s just the position on the queue would be great


That is actually quite an intriguing idea :+1: