Extra revolut card

I would like to know, why i paid for an extra revolut card and a card delivery fee 11,98€, because i think that i choice a classic revolut card not premium or anything like that. So, i just want to ask, what is the extra revolut card? Thank you for your respond.

Is this the overall cost or just for delivery?

There are two fees involved:

  • spare card fee (every card that isn’t the 1st active card): 5.99
  • standard delivery for physical card (virtual cards obviously do not come with a delivery fee): 5.99

It is the overall cost and it is my first card so thats why i don’t understand and my friends did not pay anything like this…

Do you have a virtual card? Then it would be your second card.

Make sure not to select express delivery.

Your friends might have gotten a free card during a limited marketing campaign.

Okay, thank you for answer :slight_smile:

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