Extra card received even if not ordered

My daughter ordered Revolut card and now we have received two of them. In app we see that somehow extra card was ordered the same minute as original card. The worse thing - she was charged for this card. Is here any chance to return the card we did not order and get money back?

Hi @Gnida,

Please reach out our support team so we can investigate this for you. If this was an accident we can refund you the cost, that’s not an issue.

Can i ask, what means this extra revolut card? Because i have same problem in my order but if is more useful and i do not have to pay regular fee, it will be ok.
Thank you for your answer.

You can have it as a spare card. No monthly costs, just the initial fee when ordering it.

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I have the same issue. Can you please tell me how to contact the support team in any other way than by phone?