Extra card appeared

Today I have noticed in the app that I now have an extra card. As well as the in-app representation of the card in my wallet, if I slide the image it shows me another card with “VIRTUAL” in the top left, and a different card number.

Why do I have this? What can I do with it?

Virtual cards can be used for online payment.
I have one for my subscriptions services and one for online stores. They can have different limits and you can delete them whenever you like and create a new one.

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Cheers. So, is the reason for using this “virtual” card rather than the physical one that if it gets compromised online I can ditch it and get another one right away? I should separate online and on-premises spend between the virtual and real cards?
What should one do about online purchases thatigjt need a card presented to collect them, such as a theatre ticket? Do theatres waive the requirement to show the card, or should I always use the real card if I think I might need to show it?

I’ve had a Revolut card for a couple of.montha and never noticed the allocated “virtual” card until today. Has it always been there, or has it just been pushed to me for some reason?

I use different virtual cards to separate different kinds of purchases like subscription services (music streaming or cloud computing) and online stores. As a premium user I also have a disposable card giving me a new number after every usage. That’s great if you just bay once at an online store.
If you have to show the card to get the items purchased you’re probably better off using the physical card. I never had this situation. Maybe you can also show them the virtual card in the app.
I personally like to have my purchases separated to different cards. I’m also waiting for Revolut to provide card based statements and stats.