External transfers not received yet



I made a transfer of 250 euros from my société générale account to our revolute account and my girlfriend a transfer of 300 euros from his account the postal bank to our account revolut. Mine was done on 25/04/18 and that of my girlfriend 2 days later.
We still have nothing on the account on 11/05/18.
Yet the 2 transfers have been debited from our SG accounts and the postal bank so our money is somewhere.
We simply did not mention the account reference number and we used the following IBAN:
GB98 LOYD 3080 1286 5682 90
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Could you, as far as possible, credit us as soon as possible the revolut account of the 2 transfers of a total of 550 euros?
Thank you for your prompt response. We are worried.



Please contact them using in-app chat. It may take a while but they are able to assign money to your account manually. Be prepared to send them some proofs (maybe bank statement)


No worries Steven. Reach out to our in-app support team and provide the transfer confirmation. An agent will locate it for you.

Tap More–>Help–> Chat to us.