Extend Stay for Travel Insurance


Would it be possible for premium users to extend their cover past the 21 days? I visit family in America, sometimes for months at a time, it would be nice to get cover for the entire visit. I usually get a backpacking policy of some kind, but having it from Revolut would be preferable.


As I’ve saw is 40 days in Revolut.

Still, not enough. People in Asia travel for 6-12 months.


Hi @MatchooW

We’ve improved our terms so it now covers you for trips up to 40 days - and we’re looking into whether we can extend it further again.

Hope this helps.



@JamesRevolut Thanks for the reply. I saw that it had increased recently. It’s still not enough though, glad you’re looking into increasing it further. I’d be willing to pay a little extra on top, like you’re doing with the winter sports if that helps, I’m sure others would too.


Hi @MatchooW - this is exactly our thinking: modular, tailored insurance :raised_hands:



Yes @MatchooW and @JamesRevolut, some insurance companies offer a year long multiple countries insurance, if Revolut can introduce a feature like that, for example for Premium users or charge a bit extra, that would be fantastic.


Ideally for a lot of people it would cover business trips too. As a freelancer who works for fixed fees this is not something I can charge clients for so it has to come out of my own pocket.