Extend compatibility of RevolutCard™ with services/companies


Hey everyone,

I’ve seen so many post with errors while trying to add/use the RevolutCard™ with some websites. I’m also struggled to not have the ability to use it for iTunes, Spotify (can’t use UK card in FR for ex) and Uber for instance.

It would be great to talk to the companies and/or made partnerships to avoid these problems and be classified as “malicious” card. You did that perfectly with Amazon were we can even select the currency to pay with. It would be great if Revolut Team could do the same thing with Paypal (where all the currencies mix and get messy).

Edit: Also a status page to know which merchant/service is compatible or not with RevolutCard™ would be great! :smiley: (thanks @robert.dolca)

Thanks for reading,
Hoping RevolutCard™ to be accepted everywhere!



It would be also great to know which merchants are not supporting Revolut. Something like a status page so we know where not to try and what is the progress.


Exactly. :smile:
I edited my post.


Hm, I don’t see how Revolut could get around iTunes’s and Spotify’s use of the country code as a “proof of residency”.