Express card not arrived


I have been left waiting on support for almost 24 hours now, so I am escalating here…

Guys, this isn’t good, it really isn’t good. I ordered my card and paid the express (£12) Monday. Post has arrived today (Thurs) and still no card. This is extremely disappointing as I move abroad Sat morning and intend to use the card as I’ve already topped it up.

As with everyone else, I’m experiencing dreadful ‘support’ on the app.

The least I expect is a response. Having read many of the other issues you’re currently experiencing, I only have myself to blame really for thinking you could better the banks. Least the banks deliver on their promise when posting cards.

It baffles me how you intend to compete with the banks when you charge customers £12 for express delivery and can’t even get it in the post?

Not only have I left without a card, which I was genuinely looking forward to using as I’m moving overseas and the Premium features would’ve been something I’d soon take out, I don’t have enough time to source a low-cost FX alternative competitor.

Luckily, I still have my Monzo card, which turned up instantly last year.

Who can I message to resolve this?

I’m sure you and your customers share similar frustrations to me but the lack of comms within your business has been pitiful.