Export Transaction List with more Information

@rudyklein: I have added support for French files. Please try again!

I am not sure if the decimal separator will be processed correctly.
It would be great to have a sample file from French Revolut to test with.

Hello @Tolbxela
I tried with a .csv test file:

Date de fin ; Description ; Crédit (EUR) ; Débit (EUR) ; Opérations de change débitrices; Opérations de change créditrices; Solde (EUR); Catégorie; Notes
08 nov. 2020 ; Rayon Bio       4894386  ; 1.77 ;  ;  ;  ; 270.39; Courses 1; 
7 nov. 2020 ; Grand Frais Laxou  ; 29.18 ;  ;  ;  ; 272.16; Courses 2 ; 
7 nov. 2020 ; Art Prog  ; 620.75 ;  ;  ;  ; 301.34; Services 1; 
7 nov. 2020 ; Art Prog  ; 1234 345 620.75 ;  ;  ;  ; 2 301.34; Services 2;  
7 nov. 2020 ; Art Prog  ; 32 620 ;  ;  ;  ; 12 334 301.34; Services 3;

You inverted month and day in the date (like the metric system, the format d/m/y is used for the date in almost all country around the world except in US :smiley: Date format by country - Wikipedia)
The decimal separator seems ok, but blank separator of thousand didn’t work also.

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@rudyklein: I have fixed the processing of French culture. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have fun! :wink:

Could you please fill out the Survey form on https://csv2qif.tolbxela.com ? Thanks a lot!

Thank you for the test file!

not ok: the thousand separator of lines 5 and 6 isn’t taken into account.
The paid out should be 1234345620.75 and 32620 but in the QIF file it’s 0.

@rudyklein do you really have space as thousand separator and point as decimal?
This notation does not fit to any county :thinking:
It is not GB and not FR. Ok, I will fix it also.

In US you write: 1,232.23
In France: 1 232,23
Not sure if my use of “thousand separator” is good because i’m not native english speaker. To me it means you have a space each 3 digits at the left of the decimal separator (I agree with the way it’s written in the link you post)

@rudyklein: yes, and in UK (GB) it would be same as in US 1,232.23
But you have something like 1 232.23 in your file. I am not sure if such notation exists at all.
They just messed it up by Revolut :laughing:

@rudyklein : fixed. :slight_smile:
It looks good now.

The category (grocery, ATM, restaurant) is the most important feature for me.

@rudyklein In your French CSV file above, I see the “CatĂ©gorie” column. I just tried 5min ago on my (English) Revolut app, and the CSV export does NOT have that column. Is that only in French apps?