Export Transaction List with more Information

When I choose to export my transaction list the amount of information in the csv file is limited. We were recently using it as a kitty on holidays and I was using the comment field to track what we spent money on. If I could search on this comment field in the csv file it would be great! Really we should see as much information as possible and we can choose what to hide and show.

I come from a payments background and I love what you guys are doing. Well done!


Hi @RichieMac79,

What other information would like to see on your transaction list?

Thank you

Hi @AndreasK,

The things I would like to see are:

  • Comments, if any
  • Fees
  • Geographical Place

Comments would be the important one, especially if I was trying to filter transactions.

We used your app in Bali and Malaysia and it worked perfectly. Good work!




I’d love the statistics associated to the account but I found it quite limited.
I come from a computer science background, so i decided to write a script myself, based on your export file.

As @RichieMac79 I found the ‘.csv’ file quite limited.
I would like to have as many information as I could. I know you already clusterize by type (i. e. Housing, Travel, Transfert, etc) and by country. I don’t think it’s difficult to put data that you already have it into the .csv that I can already export.

Thanks for all you have done so far !
I take every opportunity to speak about Revolut !



Agreed - it would be great to export the ‘Comment’ field and also the Category field into the .csv file to search and filter in Excel


The export functionality needs some love. QIF and more data is an important upgrade!

+1 for export of comments. That’d be very helpful to automatically process transactions in other finance tools.

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I’m requesting for the same. Descriptions in export.

Also it would be very nice to add the exact time also, not just the date.

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I would also like to export the DESCRIPTION field.

I just can’t use Revolut anymore for anything serious, because data export (CSV) is almost useless.
Date is in “human only” readable format. It’s not possible to import it in any personal finance software without manually editing dates first.
Date should be in any fixed date format, like YYYY-MM-DD or DD.MM.YYYY (whatever Excel recognises as valid date).
The best option for me would be if you integrate with SaltEdge and let me automatically download transactions into my personal finance software (MoneyWiz, Spendee, Banktivity, …)