Export statements not working


An option used to appear in the top right of the screen to export statements as pdf or csv when scrolling down the Accounts tab. That isn’t happening any more and there appears to be no other way to export transaction history.

It’s important that I have this or else I have to go through the faff of changing my budgeting system. (Alternatively, support a Yodlee integration and I won’t have to manually export statements.)

I raised this with the help chat people and checked in a week later to see if there was any progress but they were unable to give me a timeline to resolution. I know it’s on your radar. Please prioritise the basic feature of statement exports over ‘nice to have’ things.


Hey distraqt

They just moved the option into the Account details page.

On the frontpage tab the your balance and you will see 3 buttons. One of them is “statement”. This is the one you are looking for.

Another way of finding it is: More -> Profile -> Account Details -> Tap on an Account.


Amazing. Thanks for the tip!