Export statements not working

An option used to appear in the top right of the screen to export statements as pdf or csv when scrolling down the Accounts tab. That isn’t happening any more and there appears to be no other way to export transaction history.

It’s important that I have this or else I have to go through the faff of changing my budgeting system. (Alternatively, support a Yodlee integration and I won’t have to manually export statements.)

I raised this with the help chat people and checked in a week later to see if there was any progress but they were unable to give me a timeline to resolution. I know it’s on your radar. Please prioritise the basic feature of statement exports over ‘nice to have’ things.


Hey distraqt

They just moved the option into the Account details page.

On the frontpage tab the your balance and you will see 3 buttons. One of them is “statement”. This is the one you are looking for.

Another way of finding it is: More -> Profile -> Account Details -> Tap on an Account.


Amazing. Thanks for the tip!

Hi, I try to export my statements in pdf or excel, but neither method is working on my moto g6 plus.

When I press the “Get statement” button, I only see a loading screen followed by a “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later” error screen.

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Hi there,
I’m having the same issue as @GiuseppeC, i. e. upon tapping to export statements, I receive the

“We’re sorry, something has gone wrong”.

error. I’m using a Motorola Moto G7+, and the latest version of the app. I’ve tried both Excel and PDF export and restarting my mobile (old Windows habit…).

Any ideas on how to resolve this?


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I have this same issue. Trying to get a statement, either pdf os excel, and get the

“We’re sorry, something has gone wrong”.

I tried, restarting the phone, reinstalling the app, nothing works. I have a Xiaomi 9T with Android 10. Latest update of the app: 22 Jul 2020.

This is really annoying since its not the first time this has happened. I believe in february I had the same issue. It affects productivity.


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The problem persists for pdf, but today I was able to download a maximum of 135 lines of csv, so I just limited my requests to a few months each and joined them together manually.

Experiencing the same problem.
When tap ‘get statement’ the error says We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later

I have updated the app and restarted my phone. It is disappointing as I need my statement quite urgently.

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Having the same issue. Cannot access PDF or Excel for my EUR account.

I am also having the same issue when trying to print off statements , when i click get statements no matter the month or if pdf or excel i get something has gone wrong… i to need this information urgently.

I installed the application on another device an IPAD and it worked straight away , my phone is still not working but i have what i need for now.

I was having the ame issue so went on to chat and they emailed my statement, but after that i realsied that it works if you go all the way back to when you opened your account it works. So for me it was August 2019 to July 2020 and it worked! When I was speaking to the person in chat they said they can only do statements for your entire history not specific periods.

Both pdf and csv export are working today. I like the option to attach notes and receipts to payments. The notes are exported in the csv but the receipts are only viewable in app