Export CSV statement does not include money out (CHF)


Just did a CSV export for the month of July from my account (CHF currency) via the app.

The “Paid Out (CHF)” column is empty on the lines where I had outgoings. The rest of the columns look fine, just this one that is affected

Also, the separator appears to be semicolon which is odd (why not use the sep= header line for excel)


Can confirm this also happened to me with EUR, using the android app. My wife uses iOS and doesn’t have this problem.


Same here. Revolut, please sort ASAP. Really need this working.


I have joined the community specifically to get this sorted out. The CSV export file has gone downhill since June. My financial management package no longer recognises it and refuses to import it. So July and August transactions don’t appear in my figures at all.

First point: This is a STATEMENT. As a minimum it needs a date, description, debits and credits column or it won’t import. The other columns are just fluff to me. I get them in the app but I don’t need them in my financial statement as it does it’s own analysis. I appreciate that everyone would like something different from this but I just want the four columns that make up a standard legacy bank statement.

Second point: This is supposed to be a CSV file! That stands for Comma Separated Variables. Software that imports CSV looks for the C for Commas in the file. I viewed the CSV in Notepad and it contains no commas! So you can’t call it a CSV. And it’s never going to work. In June it had commas and it worked. Which developer flipped his lid and broke the mould??

Banking transactions are seamlessly imported if you use OFX. There’s no room for personality in the spec. We need that for getting our banking transactions. Then it won’t matter what fluff you put in the CSV.


As per everyone else, I joined the community to report this.

As per @briansmart Missing out values AND semi-colons instead of commas (which bit of Comma Separated Values did the developer not understand)

And it was working… grrrr


Hi all, I’ve discussed this with customer service and they have sent the issue to developers, but that’s over a week now.
I’d suggest everyone does the same to try and raise the priority on this ticket. It’s really annoyin… I’ve been manually manipulating the file to be able to use it.


This is broken and needs fixing. There is no way to pull statement from Revolut into e.g. xero online accounting?? Love the app and the card and used it all over the world for the last 3 months. Can’t believe that I can’t access the transactions in a way that an accounting package can recognise. Going to take hours to manually input. Please please fix this. We need .ofx downloads!!


The CSV is working again! (thanks Revolut!)
To import correctly into the software I use (YNAB), there’s a little tool someone created, that may help you if your software accepts CSV:

Good luck!