Expiry date

Morning! My Revolut card is due to expire the same month as I am travelling (August 2018) and I’m wondering if anyone knows if Revolut automatically replace your card or whether you have to order a new one? Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello : it’s like the top-up limit, just be proactive and request a new card :slight_smile:

Yes thanks. I just didn’t know if they automatically sent a new one or not. Ta.

I think they do ( check with them in-app :slight_smile: ) but since the expiration date is at the same time as your trip this is tricky :slight_smile:

I have the same issue as mine expires in July when I am travelling. On the app I can only see an option to request a spare card for £5 which I presume would carry the same expiry date as my current card. I have contacted Revolut using in app help but have to wait 10 hrs for an agent. I will update this thread if I get answer.

T&Cs, cardholder terms, when your card expires.

(No experience about this.)

I have been told that I will receive a replacement card just before my current one expires…will update when it arrives.:+1:


Hi Andy. Sorry I just saw this. Thanks so much fot letting me know what you found out buddy.

Hi. Did you get a new card in time for your holiday. Same thing is going to happen to me soon. Card expires at the end of August and I go on holiday early September.

No replacement received yet and now being told to order one which I will be reimbursed for…grrrr

Hey. We go on holiday on 28th August and the card expires on the 31st. Haven’t received a new one as yet.

I just ordered one in my partners name cos couldn’t be bothered waiting to see if they’d send one or not.

I contacted Revolut via support on the app and they said I should order a new card through the app. They even credited me the normal new card charge and normal postage cost. Very happy with the response. Card due to arrive any day now.

I’m wondering what will happen when revolut became a bank, do we have to order a new (free or not) to have a debit card?

Mine expires in October and I don’t like to change constantly cards. I hope that Revolut will become a bank until then.

I think prepaid card magically cannot change in to debit card, so yes - if you will want debit card and revolut will offer them, you will need to change. But somehow I will doubt that these changes will happen in this year.

Its also not certain that switching to debit cards with a different service code configuration is one of their priorities after obtaining the license. The official statement about this is noticeable vague: “maybe further down the line”.

So new card and therefore new PAN? :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

You mean PIN? And you know, you can change that?

No, I meant PAN, the card number.
That’s bad if you’ve stored your revolut card on several merchants, you have to go and update it.

Many issuers simply send a new card with the same card number, only updating the expiry date and CVC. I don’t understand why Revolut doesn’t do it considering card ranges do not abount and requesting new ones cost them money…


I understand your point, though personally I dont consider it such a hassle and as you pointed out yourself you’ll always have to update the card when you get a new one. Having a new number could be even considered more secure.