Experiments – replacement for app store beta programs?

Revolut’s new approach for involving users in app/feature development seems to start in August.

I wonder what the reason might be behind this instead of relying on app store beta programs? The first thing that comes to mind is consolidating feedback/data. Interesting!

Where’s the link to register? :sweat_smile: the tab has been visible a while for me in app I just haven’t seen anything added to it.


Yes, I was curious when reading about this from a notification today from :r:
My first thought is that - whilst I am not averse to testing software (I used to be a s/w developer before retirement) - doing this on a “live” system could have unintended consequences for the user.
In my professional life, I always tested stuff before release on a test bed using live(ish) and representative data which wouldn’t impact on the client if it all went horribly wrong before finally committing it to the live situation. My area of work was live accounting systems and tax reporting which if wrong could have serious consequences for the client.
Beta test by all means but never, ever leave the client potentially exposed to inaccessibility (in this use case) to their funds.


Update, just showed in the app for me to accept.


I had it too but resisted for the reasons give above.


It’s not uncommon in the financial industry to run user experience labs. This seems to be more about product development, not so much about core systems. I would expect Revolut to test new ideas for analytics, for example.


Given its own section in the app, i guess it’ll be a toggle on toggle off situation.

Monzo has Labs in the UK where you can toggle trial features when you choose so the app remains sturdy, and you can check out new bits and piece before being fully rolled out to every customer, thus not actually breaking anything significant, and in personal experience never broke anything at all.


Out of interest, is there an obvious feedback mechanism? I’m thinking of signing up, but if it’s like the old beta test where you have to go through “normal” support, I’d probably give it a miss.

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There’s nothing live yet to give feedback on it, though if it’s anything to go like downgrading from Ultra, it brings a feedback box within the workflow to downgrade to provide it, which is more streamlined.


Have any countries had any experiments show up in the app yet? Nothing here in the UK.



I would like to participate as a tester for Revolut experiments. Could someone please tell me how to participate? I don’t have any email about it nor do I see any option in the App.



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So, some people have had the new app layout v10 rollout to experiments,

I signed up to trial stuff but doesn’t seem like that option has been issued to me, however some other UK folk have it.

Can someone activate it for me on my profile?

What gives?

While you’re waiting for “Experiments” to be rolled out, here’s a screenshot of how the app looked in 2015.

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Anyone knows how we can submit feedback on experiments?

You should have gotten an email when Experiments was activated for you, explaining what kind of feedback they’re looking for and where to find the „report bugs“ feature. The mail lists all options to provide feedback.

Profile, then “report bugs”