Let’s talk a little about our experience with :r: in our country/region. Like a storytelling feedback.
I start :smiley: Well, I have been using it in Romania from May and I’m pretty happy with it. I use it as an economy card, I put on it a small amount of my salary for travel, emergency or other wishes. Everything was working fine from paying at a store to online shopping and transfer. I was disappointed when I wanted to withdraw some euros and I didn’t find any ATM in this big Bucharest City.
What I love the most about this card is that it gives me a futuristic feeling, I had many banking apps and all disappointing.
Recently I enrolled in RevP program and I wish to get into beta someday.
I’ll come back with more info about my experience, I wanna hear yours too :smiley:

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Nice. Happy to hear that everything is fine for you.

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“I wanted to withdraw some euros and I didn’t find any ATM in this big Bucharest City”

In every country you can withdraw only local country currency (RON in Romania).

Some banks have extra “Euro ATMs” (in Bulgaria too) BUT they are ONLY for same bank custommers!

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I tried at EuroNet ATM :confused:

Overall, my experience is good, I am based in Ireland and travelled to Denmark no issues using the card, good exchange rates, I wouldnt even touch the Euronets at all.

I mostly use the app for stocks.

I just see couple issue with Revolut -
1- Couple bugs in Stock Trading - Price Alert button is un-functional most times, when the market opens the app is very laggy in the first hour almost impossible to trade and its one of the important time to trade in the day.
2- Customer Support is slow to respond and mostly not worth reaching out to, I just avoid it, if Robinhood/M1/alternative (not a fan of Degiro) app launches in Ireland will move to it just cause of the support teams
3- Poor Reporting for Stocks
4- More feature releases needed for it to become a good trading platform.

Really hope these issues get worked out soon so I should continue to use the app.


I have pretty good experiences with Rev and even with the Suppor Team, each time I had to get in touch with them, everything was always fixed in time.
Lastly, I was one of those Victims of AMOMA. They
have ceased operations and filed bankruptcy. Thanks to the Revolut Support Team,
I suceed to get my chargeback just in time.
Once again, A BIG Thanks to everyone which were involved. You are doing a great job! It’s not simple to handle any issues and really you deserve my gratitude!

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I’m only posting here as it seems I need to do this before I’m allowed to start a thread myself (pretty insane…). But might as well share a few thoughts.

I really like Revolut for travelling, but the customer service is shocking and I would never dream of replacing my current bank account with Revolut, as they simply can’t deal with customer queries in a satisfactory way and timely manner.

When it comes to trusting someone with your money/salary/etc you really don’t want to be dealing with them if anything happens that needs sorting out quickly. I placed an online order a couple of years ago that came to about £780. My order got lost and I couldn’t track the delivery; I called my bank and asked to return the funds to my account, and they did it in a matter of minutes. I can only imagine the headache of trying to retrieve the funds if this was Revolut instead of a traditional bank.

If my phone got lost or damaged I’d have no way of managing my money, which is also something they really should have thought of…

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Overall I am happy with the cards. I am disappointed about the support. Since over a week the SOF is on work and there is no reaction. And my last post was deleted, but I don‘t know why?

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