Experience using Revolut in Kenia - KES

Does anyone have any experience using Revolut in Kenia?
I know KES isn’t supported yet…

Worked all well for me. Just have to make sure to find an atm that uses your chip and not magnet strip.

I’ve used it successfully to withdraw KES at I&M Bank and Ecobank so far. Neither of these ask for ‘access charges’.

The more familiar Standard Chartered and Barclays ATMs in Nairobi wanted 450 kes per withdrawal!

In Africa I’m now looking for Ecobank as a first preference as this bank has a good network in multiple African countries and does not charge for access.

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UPDATE: Kenya ATMs without charges and where I’ve withdrawn using revolut Mastercard without issues:

Diamond trust bank, Ecobank, I&M Bank, Equity bank.

Will update further if others.

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@AR001 - Would be nice if you could specify which card did you used. Mastercard/VISA/Maestro ? There is some reports from travelers in other countries that it might matter.

Mastercard. Have updated in post above.

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