Experience on using Revolut in NZ?


Travelling to New Zealand next month and wondering if anybody has used Revolut there and what their experience was? Never used it before and keen not to carry too much cash with me if I can help it!


Hi @simonjh88,

Have a look here: List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

@Ratamon may give some more tips.


Andreas K.

I am in New Zealand now. I received my card in Wellington on Monday 24/04/2017. I used it for the first time yesterday, 25/04/2017. I had a mixed experience.
I paid in a restaurant with 2 steps. First, I used the card in a standard way: choosing ‘checking account’ and entering my PIN code. Not accepted.
The waitress took it and after checking, I paid contactless with no code. The payment is always awaiting the merchant’s confirmation or reversal.

Today, 26/04:
Impossible to pay with my card on a non contactless terminal, whatever checking or saving with pin code.

I didn’t try yet ATM withdraw with no fee on Westpac or KiwiBank… More to come!

I will go for a DM… Do you think my card is known on the Mastercard network? Do I need to take an action as initiate in an ATM? Please, let me know.

Not sure about NZ but in Australia the card worked practically everywhere.

I had no issues whatsoever, it worked flawlessly for me.

Just check the app, make sure you aren’t required to do any extra verification. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but a credit account is called ‘checking’ isn’t it? You should ALWAYS put it through as a credit card transaction type.

I didn’t use it at an ATM but it worked with contactless and in restaurants.

I spent over £1000GBP the whole time I was out there.

The ‘awaiting merchants approval or reversal’ is also fine. This happens… it can take a few days or even up to a week for this to change. I guess it depends on how often the companies process their payments with the bank?? Not too sure.

Thank you. I will try once credit. I sent a DM but no answer for now…

I had lots of issues trying to use my Revolut card in NZ. Firstly, it turns out many places only accept EFT-POS, not Mastercard. I’d used tons of Visa and Mastercards in NZ before, but they were always dual credit and EFT-POS cards, so I guess I never noticed the problem previously :confused:

Many ATM machines refused to give me any money. I can’t remember which ones did give me money, but there were a few thankfully.

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But it wouldn’t work with either cheque or savings options. You would presumably need to choose the credit button to use your Revolut card.


My first feedback here in Wellington, New Zealand.

To pay on a merchant terminal:

  • contactless or ‘credit’ choice + Pin. To confirm: No fee

First ATM withdrawal:

  • bank Westpac
  • not asked for a ‘checking’ or ‘savings’ account
  • choose ‘without conversion’, if not conversion shown in GBP. To confirm: No fee

Thank you for your previous answers.
To be continued…



Just spent four weeks in NZ. Experience of Revolut:

  1. Accepted pretty much anywhere that advertises EFTPOS - though beware that some retailers specifically say EFTPOS but no Credit Cards accepted - in which case Revolut will not work
  2. If the machine uses PayWave (contactless) then its easy - just use the card and then put in the PIN if it is requested by the machine
  3. If the machine does not do PayWave then you have to select Credit Card/CC, not checking, savings etc.
  4. Most general retailers do not add a charge. But a lot of hotels, campsites etc do add anything from 2.15% to 3% for the privilege of using what they perceive to be a credit card.
  5. For cash - most banks add 3%, and warn you before you proceed with the transaction. Kiwibank should be avoided - it adds the fee, but doesn’t tell you in advance, so no way to pull out of the transaction. Best was Westpac - no fee, very straightforward cash withdrawal.

I am currently in NZ and have a Visa Revolut card.
I have found only BNZ ATMs accept the card and let me withdraw cash. Have tried Westpac, ANZ, TSB and KiwiBank. None of them will issue cash.
Most EFTPOS terminals without contactless will not accept my card so have to use cash or regular bank card.

My Revolut transaction records confirm my memory that I got cash twice from ANZ ATMs in Wellington Airport last November.