Experience in Qatar ?


Revolut doesn’t, and it will soon be a bank.

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Hi Widget.

I learned from Elidja that MAR is also using QNB as a transfer bank for QAR. His transfers as well in QAR have been blocked recently by QNB.
I am myself a direct customer of QNB and was told that I couldn’t anyway send QAR to a Lloyd’s account, but only an RBS account in the UK.

Whatever the truth, it seems QNB is now blocking outgoing QAR transfers.

CBQ remains a fantastic alternative.
The second best alternative seems to be Barwa Bank that would charge you USD 3.6500 and a 16 USD intermediary fee if you choose “our” fee. Elidja can tell you more.

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Well, @pcforce just said everything.

Option 1: CBQ in QAR -> nothing can be done online, manual form to be filled out at a branch only

Option 2: Barwa in USD -> 16 USD flat fees (8 USD will be deducted from the amount that will be credited to your Revolut account and 8 USD from your Barwa account) + 3.65 exchange rate by choosing “OUR” when selecting the fees (very important, ALWAYS choose “OUR” whenever you do an international transfer whatever is the bank and whatever is the currency). Big advantage here -> all can be done online or through the app, amazing service.



QNB is blocking both QAR and USD direct transfers to Revolut because of a compliance issue with Revolut.



Same problem here (although I am not in Qatar) , since Rev introduced unique IBAN for all customers transfers from my overseas HSBC account to Revolut have to be processed manually.

Try using the old Revolut account details and individual reference? See if that works?



Hi pcforce,

Thank you for your helpful post. On the 5th March I went into Villagio Commercial Bank and did the Telex transfer you mentioned.

The funds have left my Commercial bank and I received my remittance by email stating that the transfer was successful with my IBAN number but its still not showing in my Revolut QAR account?

I contacted Revolut and they said they haven’t got anything in their system about my transfer and I should contact my bank. Is it normal to take a long time or should I be worried?

Thanks in advance!



This protracted timescale is not normal in my opinion. Should of arrived by now, even factoring in the weekend.