Expense tracking : check button/indicator


I think a lot of us might need to once in a while go through our transactions, and compare to what we have written down, or just verify each one by one. Therefore, as both my french banks’ apps have, it’d be really useful to have a feature in the transaction list, like long pressing a transaction or swiping (like for hiding transaction). Then change how the transaction is displayed, like add a dot in a corner, or change the colors, so that we can obviously see we reviewed it.

The hide feature is too drastic, with no way to show them back easily, it’s making it even more complicated to do my accounting !



@capital I don’t get your answer… :grimacing::joy:


You can unhide all your hidden transactions (after going through and double-checking whether your spreadsheet matches your Revolut statement.) in bulk by logging out and logging back in the Revolut app.


Oh haha thanks !

I know, I read this already, but that’s the too complicated part I said :joy:

I think it should be properly implemented :wink:


True, I definitely see a use case for hiding and unhiding transactions on an ad hoc basis.


Agree, would love to have a way to check transactions as ”reviewed”