Expat: Local & IBAN Transfer


Hi, I am totally new here. I am an Expat living and Banking in Switzerland. I was attracted to Revolut for the obvious reasons of travelling back to the UK.

I also have a “spending money” account with Lloyds in the UK. I would like to top-up from this account GBP to GBP. Firstly, Llyods only allows IBAN use with a foreign currency (not GBP to GBP), although untried it looks like Euros are OK, but costly Secondly, within the Revolut App the Local top-up has no details within, only allowing IBAN Functionality (no Local details, account address etc).

I have been reading the IBAN Posts and maybe what I want to do isnt that simple.
I suspect that as an Expat I am not supposed to do this.

Is there a way to do this?

Sorry if its a stupid question!


No such thing as a ‘stupid question’ if it is asked in good faith.

UK IBANs coming shortly.