Exotic currencies (outside Europe)


Could Revolut provide a list of currencies (countries) outside Europe for which they are not able to offer favourable exchange rates.

Furthermore it would be helpfull to know what currencies should be held on the Revolut account to pay (as an example) in Indonesia, Thailand or United Arab Emirates.


Agree, I don’t mind if they charge mark-up on certain currencies (based on my experience, the final rate is still better than the one offered by exchange bureaus or debit cards), but they need to be transparent about this!

For example, they currently charge around 0.5% on AUD, 1.4% on INR and 0.25% on ZAR if you were to buy those currencies for GBP.

Why is there a problem saying this openly in their Fair Usage Policy ?


You can actually check whether they offer mid-market rate (as they claim they do) for any currency by comparing direct and inverted quotes for a specific currency pair in the app.

For example, as I write this post GBP/AUD is 1.7207 while AUD/GBP is 0.5779 which suggests that these two are out by nearly 100 pips (1/0.5779 = 1.7304) or 0.5%


For it at 100%! I was talking about that this afternoon with another Revolut user. He told me that Revolut took more than .5% (what RevTeam said it was the max. taken ; on Twitter) with currency exchanges (and even more the WE to protect themselves at very low market opening on monday).

I want THIS to be written on the FAQ and Revolut to be transparent about that. I (and I’m sure most of people here are also) totally understand you have to protect your service but even If you do that and write it transparently, that’s not a deal breaker ; we’ll still love your service! :wink:

Also, a question taken from Twitter: What about MasterCard Currency Conversion used by N26 and most of the banks?



Mastercard uses a settlement rate for the whole day which they normally publish the day after. This obviously includes Mastercard own markup but protects you from any wild intra-day swings (just in case you happen to exchange currency or make a purchase when the rate is at a day’s low. I still prefer to get a going rate as I know exactly how much it cost me while with Mastercard you have to wait for a few days (when Mastercard sends this information to an acquirer bank which then on-sends it to your bank).