Existing card stopped working -- no notification received


Dear Revolut support team,

I needed a cash transfer to my Revolut card, so I made it today. The transfer succeeded, but my existing Revolut card stopped working, and I cannot re-add it. The money can’t be used now.

I am a resident of Switzerland and Spain, and I used my Swiss ID to validate my account before. Now I see that you have disabled support for Swiss residents, but I have never received any notifications for it (I travel a lot, but there were no notifications by email as well).

I tried to change my address to Spanish one, but I can’t do it. Now it is bank holiday, so I can’t do anything about it, and the support is offline. Is it possible to do anything to re-activate my card today? Please help!



@atemerev So sorry for the inconvenience. Some months ago we had to suspend our services to Swiss users. Meaning the cards will not work. We are working very hard to restore this soon! We did send out notifications to users and tried to let them know as soon as this was implemented. We can of course update the address for you, but we require a proof of address document. So something from the past 3 months with your name and address on it. Like a utility bill for example. I will write you a private message.


I have sent you my Spanish residency card with address included. Could you now change it?


The incident is now fully resolved. Thank you, @larysa.stachowicz , for the outstanding level of support!